Monday, August 27, 2012

Running the Road to Recovery - 5

Running the Road to Recovery is about coming back from an illness. In June, 2012 I was in training for a 4-mile race, and was able to run 3-4 miles at a decent (OK, mediocre) rate of speed. A kidney infection that triggered a secondary infection to my knees derailed my training. But only temporarily.

We took some time off to visit family (that's why my last post was almost a week ago). Across the street from our relatives is the practice track for the local high school. It seemed like a good time to get some base metrics, so I spent a few days just on the track. It was eye-opening.

Admittedly, my runner's watch isn't the top of the line, but I had no idea it was so inaccurate. The first day I ran exactly one mile around the track. My watch recorded 1.09 km  -- which is about 0.67 of a mile. So now I'm just using the watch to record the time, and mark the distances with careful measurement. Note the difference.

Date Time Distance Run/Walk Rate
8/27/12 33:14 3.21k all run 5.8k/h
8/20/12 38:22 2.36k 3 min./30 sec. 3.60k/h
8/13/12 32:37 1.95k 1.5 min./30 sec. 3.60k/h
8/5/12 29:49 1.76k 1 min./30 sec. 2.88k/h
7/30/12 13:30 .80k 1 min./30 sec. 2.88k/h

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