Friday, August 17, 2012

CCC 042 - John Joubert

The Consonant Classical Challenge continues with British composer John Joubert. Joubert has a long and distinguished career as a composer, and there's a good chance you've heard his work. If you enjoy holiday music. Joubert has written extensively for chorus, and several of his works have entered the repertoire for English choral singing. "Torches" is one of his more popular works, and is often featured in Lessons and Carols services in the UK.


Joubert's instrumental compositions feature the same type of linear melodic development, supported by harmonies that, while triadic, have a distinctive contemporary flavor. His Piano Sonata No. 3 shows these tendencies to good effect.

John Joubert is a well-rounded composer, with not just choral music in his catalog. He's composed four string quartets as well as other chamber works. In addition to two symphonies, Joubert has also written concertos for violin, bassoon, oboe, and piano. Here's a sample of his piano concerto.

John Joubert continues in the Second English Renaissance tradition established by Gustav Holst and Ralph Vaughan Williams. Although he's performed with some regularity, it's not likely that American audiences will hear his works in concert any time soon -- even Vaughan Williams doesn't get his due in this country. And that's too bad. Because there's more to this composer than just a few Christmas carols. Much more.

 Recommended Recordings

John Joubert - Symphony No.2, William Alwyn - Prelude and Derrybeg Fair, Carlo Martelli - Symphony, Op.4

John Joubert: Symphony No. 1

John Joubert: Choral Music

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