Monday, July 21, 2014

Diabelli Project 049 - Piano Piece in C major

The Diabelli Project is about offering my weekly flash-composition sketches freely to all. Like Antonio Diabelli's theme these sketches aren't great music. But perhaps (as in Diabelli's case) there's a Beethoven out there who can do great things with them.

The flash composition sketches from the past three weeks have shared some similarities -- one being a buildup in the final two measures as increasingly complex chords are added on the way to someplace. This week I start with that idea. The right hand builds on its simple 3-note motive, while the left hand ranges far and wide with its melody. (click on image to enlarge)

Instead of a 2-bar crescendo, this piece starts building right from the beginning. But building towards what? That's up to you. As with all Diabelli Project sketches, it's available for you to finish, rearrange, or just use part of (for free, of course). All I ask is that if you do something with this music, that you'll let me know. I'm curious to see how it turns out..

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