Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mike Du Jour Balloons

This is only the second time I've posted about Mike Lester's comic strip (see Mike Du Jour's cameo du jour), Mike Du Jour. I do read it --and enjoy it -- daily. For the most part, though, the strip's humor doesn't comment on the conventions of cartooning -- which is mostly what I comment about in this blog.

There are exceptions. In a story arc from January 2016, this sequence was published:

What makes the humor work? The fact that the characters inside the strip can see thought balloons -- just like the reader. It's a standard convention that the contents of thought balloons are only known to the character thinking them and the reader, just as word balloons represent conversations heard by the characters, and by convention are invisible to them.

This was a great sequence -- especially given the somewhat racy nature of the character's wish. Glad we don't live a comic strip! (At least, I don't think we do.)

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