Friday, July 01, 2016

Line Mar Match Box Construction 011 - Cross Monument

011. Cross Monument
I found a Line Mar Match Box Construction Set from the 1930s, complete and with instructions. The box claimed the set made 100 different toys. I decided to test that claim -- one toy at a time. You can read all the posts for the Line Mar construction project at 100 Toys.

011. Cross Monument

I'm glad these toys are labeled. I thought this one was a skyscraper facing the river, with two docks extending outward. According to instructions, it's actually a cross monument. I guess it's just a question of scale.

Construction was a little tricky. I had some difficulty making sure those side pieces stood flush against the big one. On the other hand, the cross was pretty stable, even without a dowel.

011. Cross Monument -- The cross I can see. The monument not so much.

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