Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Idylls of the Kin

The view of the my temporary office from the outside.
I've had to help out my father recently, and we've gone up to spend the week at his house. As I've mentioned before, it's a familiar structure. I remember it as my grandmother's house, and it's the one we moved into after she passed on.

In addition to helping my dad reorganize, I've also spent a good portion of the day telecommuting. With the unseasonably warm weather, there was only one room in the house that would do for serious work -- the screened in porch.

I have many fond memories of this space, from weekend visits with grandma, to long summers during high school and college, and even later. The furniture hasn't changed much, and with the bushes obscuring the view, it could be anytime between 1960 and now.

And the view from my laptop. If not for the computer, this could be
anytime between now and 1960.
And the warm wind gently moving through the porch worked its magic. As did the cooing of the morning doves and the robins splashing in the birdbath. Sure, I've got a lot of things to thing and worry about right now, but being here reminds me to occasionally let go and just celebrate the now.

Like now.

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