Thursday, March 15, 2012

We Have Band: Ternion a Turn On

We Have Band

The second full-length album of this Manchester, UK trio has We Have Band really coming into their own. Yes, they still have an ethereal Dream Academy-like sound. But it's clearly an inspiration, not an imitation.
There's an underlying urgency to We Have Band's material that sets them apart from that earlier group. That and a natural ability to write pop tunes that are attractive without being trite.

While still relying primarily on the transparent vocals of Darren Bancroft and Dede Wegg-Prosser (husband Thomas plays guitar and adds harmony), WHB's sound can move from softly-focused to tight and crisp when it needs to.

The opening track "Pressure On" may be dreamy with half-formed melodies floating over impressionistic electronics, but the next track "Rivers of Blood" will have you up on the dance floor (think Soft Cell meets salsa). And those horns on "Visionary" really make that mid-tempo song groove.

Ten songs of intelligent pop by a trio that plays -- and harmonizes -- well together. "Ternion" means a group of three. We Have Band is just that. And a darned good one, too. If you like the music on BBC Radio One, check out We Have Band.

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