Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Tender Trap 5

Finding examples of what I call the "tender trap is easy. So easy, I could easily fill a Pinterest pinboard to overflowing. Setting up a model or toy steam locomotive and placing the tender backwards is a pretty common error, though, and one I don't need to comment on all the time.

Except now. I recently ran across this offering on eBay. It's all that's left of a Yonezawa Toys train set. Even though the locomotive, I can still tell the tender's backwards.

How? Simple. The coal load is always as close to the locomotive's cab as possible. Always. Yet most people insist on the highest point of the tender face away from the engine (I offer my thoughts on why in Part 1 of this series).  The photo above is just another illustration of that mistaken notion.

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