Monday, July 23, 2012

Walking the Road to Recovery - 4

As I've outlined in the first post of this series, I'm working my way back to where I was in June -- able to run 3-4 miles at a decent (OK, mediocre) rate of speed. A secondary infection to my knees derailed my training. But only temporarily.

I'm still just walking, but I'm trying to push the distance and the time.  Because of some storms this week, I didn't get out as much as I wanted to (rain is one thing -- lightning is something else). Still, at this point any improvement is welcome.

This week I'll add some running into the mix and see what happens.

Date Time Distance Rate
7/23/12 26.31 1.35k 2.87k/h
7/16/12 26:32 1.33k 2.88k/h
7/9/12 21:24 1.24k 2.88k/h
7/2/12 21:37 1.04k

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