Monday, June 05, 2017

Duet for B-flat Clarinet and Bass Clarinet - Part 4

As part of my Diabelli Project flash composition series, I wrote four sketches for a B-flat clarinet and bass clarinet duet. Even when I was sketching them out, I knew they were part of the same four movement work.

Although I didn't write the movements in order, I did save the fourth movement for last. I knew I wanted it to be a rondo, with the contrasting sections quoting the other movements. So they had to be completed first.

With all four movements complete, the estimated playing time for this work is about 7-8 minutes. It could run a little longer if tempos are taken slower -- and that would be fine. I'm more concerned with a clear contrast between slow and fast than a strict adherence to a metronome marking.

I'm not entirely happy with the coda. I might rewrite it as part of the editing process. But overall, I think the music came out pretty much as I heard it. 

And for reference, here's the original Diabelli Project sketch for this movement (No. 148). 

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